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Sexual Energy School
Understanding Mental, Emotional & Physical Abuse

Are you full of energy and life?
Do you experience joy and happiness most of the time in your life?
Are you searching, but don’t really know what for?

It could be you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all three questions. That’s great.
However, if you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of the above questions, we invite you to view a short Youtube video introduction of the Sexual Energies School. You will then be in a better position to decide if the SES course is for you.

Should you choose to come on the SES workshop be prepared for a truly life changing experience.

Short Youtube video introductions of the workshop:

In this workshop, Tobias speaks about physical, psychological, psychic and sexual abuse and manipulation (energy stealing) and provides detailed information about how you can release deeply imbedded energetic wounds and begin enjoying life in a new way.

The process of energy stealing is compared to the workings of a virus, (in this case a ‘sexual energy virus’) and is something that affects all of us. The key to healing this 'virus' lies in the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies and the love of Self. An imbalance between these archetypical energies is what causes the problems not only in personal lives, but also in families, companies, schools, religious organizations and government.

During the workshop you will hear the spiritual history of how the ‘virus’ came about and how it is manifesting itself in your daily life. Through several intense personal exercises you will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of energy stealing. This workshop will also offer you tools to rebalance your energies and help you remove the ‘virus’ from your life.

This powerful three-day workshop focuses on physical, psychological, psychical and sexual abuse and is appropriate for:
  • Anyone whose life has been affected by abuse of any kind;
  • Those who desire to put an end to abuse and imbalanced energies in their lives;
  • Professional facilitators who work with these issues;
  • Anyone who wishes to understand inter-personal energy dynamics from a New Energy perspective.

There is not a human on earth who has not been touched by external and/or internal abuse of some kind. This School will help you:
  • Finally understand on a profound level the foundation and dynamics of physical, psychological and sexual abuse;
  • Release deeply embedded wounds and other effects of energy stealing and personal imbalance;
  • Emerge from this profound experience with a revised view and understanding of the world and people around you, a deeply transformed relationship with yourself, and practical tools to rebalance your life


Workshop Format:

This three-day workshop experience includes six channelled sessions with Tobias of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe on DVDs, and instructor-led activities and discussions.

Attendees are not required to complete any other workshops in order to attend the Sexual Energies School.

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Tobias' Sexual Energy School
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