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DreamWalker Death Transitions
Adamus Saint-Germain

When it comes to dying, religions, and even New Age sources of information do not always provide satisfying answers to practical questions, and often people who are dying are left on their own. Consequently, for many people, dying is a lonely and fearful process.

In this three-day workshop detailed information is provided about what happens before, during and after your transition. By the end of the workshop you will have a completely new and different view of death as well as life.

In the DreamWalker Death workshop specific emphasis is placed on guiding the one who is dying, working in the non-physical realms, avoiding etheric distractions, handling 4th dimension tricks and traps, working with the grieving family, getting back to your own physical reality and much more.

Dreamwalking is a beautiful thing, one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give yourself. Part of you thinks you are doing it for a relative, friend, or client but it is a gift that you are giving to yourself. It is precious. It is sacred. It is beyond words. And when you conclude a very beautiful, successful dreamwalk you will be different.

Nothing will look the same again or feel the same. You will have an understanding of the whole cycle that takes place: from death to rebirth to change within the physical body, a rebirthing of spirit embodied in matter. You will have a whole understanding of the cycle; you won’t feel there are pieces to the puzzle that were left out.

You’ll understand what happens, why you come to Earth in the first place. You’ll understand the cycle of what happens when you leave Earth. You’ll take down this fear, this huge barrier that you have about death. Death will become just another experience. You won’t try to hang onto the physical being; you’ll appreciate having it. You’ll appreciate everything in your life.


Workshop Format:

This three day class is presented in an atmosphere of safety and includes eight DVD sessions containing channels delivered by Adamus Saint-Germain of The Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe. There will also be an actual DreamWalking experience.

Short Youtube video introductions of the workshop:

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DreamWalker Death Transitions
3 Day School


DreamWalker Death Facilitating

The workshop also equips you to become a DreamWalker Death Transitions Guide. DreamWalker guides provide comfort to loved ones or clients, helping them to gently go through the death transition process, and guiding them through the non-physical realms.

DreamWalking is an ancient spiritual process with its roots in native traditions. During the death process, DreamWalkers actually go beyond hospice, offering steady, spiritual companionship to people as they journey through the death experience.

The funeral service traditionally marks the end of your journey on Earth. However, it is also the beginning of a new journey, as your spirit lives on in the non-physical realms. What happens in these realms depends on your beliefs and levels of awareness.

DreamWalker guides help loved ones or clients to gently release their physical body when they transition, and provide a sense of comfort and balance during the death transition process. If the client chooses, the DreamWalker guides them to the Bridge of Flowers, the cross-over point to the highest angelic realms.

DreamWalkers do not get involved in any specific belief systems. They simply act as a companion and guide. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or even if you don't have any specific beliefs about afterlife, the DreamWalker is there as a guide in what often can be a confusing and dark time.

If you feel you would like such a service,
please contact me via email.