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DreamWalker Ascension Transitions
Adamus Saint-Germain

In most spiritual and new age literature, ascension is one of the most popular subjects. According to many, ascension is something that only happens to “holy people” who have gone through a life of devotion, intense meditation, self-denial and suffering. In this workshop you will be provided with a completely different understanding of the ascension process. Ascension is the answer to the simple but spiritually profound question: “Who Am I”?

Ascension is not about reaching human perfection, but it is about the total acceptance of Self and the release of all human limitations. It is about choosing total freedom.


In this intensive three-day school, Adamus Saint-Germain will discuss the process of going through an in-body ascension. This occurs when a human gives permission to reunite with their divine wholeness while staying on Earth in a physical body, rather than going through the death and reincarnation process.

According to Adamus Saint-Germain this is the most difficult process a human will ever encounter, and the most sacred. During the workshop it is explained how you can facilitate your own ascension process.


A short Youtube video introduction of the workshop:

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Dreamwalker Ascension Transitions
3 Day School